Matthew Gallizzi

Matthew Gallizzi believes in a created world. He equips bold leaders and their organizations with insight and technology to serve their future. Bold leaders have an ability to take risks with confidence and courage.

The impact of Matthew’s technology results in greater efficiencies, ensuring process accountability and enhancing brand experiences. Often paired with technology, his insights result in more ease, happiness and success.

In his pursuit of uncovering possibilities, Matthew values context, communication, sustainability and the people he collaborates with to establish a meaningful partnership. He begins with his thoughtful discovery process to determine value creation.

Since the late 90s, Matthew has pioneered solutions that have served millions. From automation for first responders fighting catastrophic wildfires to science laboratories working with the COVID-19 pandemic to a mapping system for an emergency response team, he created various technologies that align to those he serves. He has worked with Silicon Valley CEOs, visionaries, serial entrepreneurs, ex-Marine CEOs, TEDx speakers, and other exceptional individuals who have been seen across Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., and The Huffington Post.

Alongside Matthew’s national awards is his tenacity that began as early as age 9 when he started his first car washing business. When he’s not provoking insight or designing technology, he can be found camping in remote places.

Real Bio

Hi. My name is Matthew Gallizzi.

I've had a house fire destroy all my possessions.
I've walked away from a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel.
I've struggled financially and couldn't afford rent.
I've worked through shame and my fear of not being enough.
I've spent the night at the hospital with my 35-year-old cousin the night before cancer won.

I've served extraordinary leaders who have lost a million dollars. Survived traumatic childhoods. And struggled, too.

As a consultant, thinking partner and strategic advisor, I am trusted with secrets that don't get shared with another living soul. My capacity to relate and partner with my clients empowers them to reach their highest levels of success with ease and happiness.

I'm grateful for those moments that business leaders from all walks of life have told me, “Matthew, you weren't there with me when I did [insert big scary thing here], but your voice was with me.” These are moments that empowered people to live true to who they are, doing the work that is meaningful for them.


Matthew's purpose is to provoke insight that inspires legacy.

Matthew imagines a world where people feel empowered, doing their work in the world that only they can do while aligned to their future vision. Feelings of happiness, success and ease are present.

Whatever Matthew is doing, be it holding space for an insightful conversation, designing technology, writing code, speaking, leading his team, or conversing with others on the trails, he is creating this future.

He values freedom, health, relationships, courage, and his power to create the world he sees.


Overland People

Founder, Passion Project

Overland People's core belief is in the space found outdoors. We build tech tools for overland people. Starting with our Offroad Recovery Network.

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2020 - Present

Speed Zero


Speed Zero recognizes it can be a drag stopping on mountain bike trails when you're not taking a selfie. Paired with their Strava app, they support trail maintenance agencies in analyzing rider data to keep the trails safe and rideable.

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2017 - 2019

World Progress Now


World Progress Now has the vision to develop awareness of the economic, social, and the environmental impacts of tourism worldwide. They develop policy solutions and promote equitable economic practices. They support responsible tourism that protects cultural tradition, heritage, and identity. They encourage positive environmental change through innovative solutions.

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2015 - Present

Cal State Fullerton

Frequent Speaker and Panelist

The Center for Entrepreneurship at Mihaylo College of Business and Economics' goal is to teach, coach and lead the principled, cross-disciplinary practice of entrepreneurship. They believe that, through determined practice, leadership and teamwork, their students, faculty, clients, volunteers, and alums can systematically recombine the new and the old to forge new ventures, create an entrepreneurial culture, and dramatically benefit their community.

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2010 - Present

Cycle Cause

Advisory Board

After closing a business and packing up his family, Luke Mysse, co-founder of Stop SAM, rode his bike 4,170 miles across America with his wife and two boys following in an RV. He started the ride on June 20th, 2014 in San Diego, rode the entire west coast to Portland before heading east to New York. On September 27th Luke crossed the George Washington bridge completing the journey in 59 riding days. The purpose of the Cycle Cause trip is to raise awareness and money for Stop SAM to buy treatments for children dying from Severe Acute Malnutrition.

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2013 - 2014

Project R12


Project R12 believes in the power of human potential. Project R12 is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to seeing nations set free by investing in people.

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2012 - 2013




"Matthew's truly remarkable. I almost didn't write this review because I don't want other people to tie him up."


"Matt is highly competent and professional. Also, he is very patient and has excellent communication skills."


"Matthew is top notch. He wants to make sure you come away feeling empowered and knowledgeable."



"He helped me with a hiring insecurity related to a bad experience and I feel like a new person."


"I learned so much from Matt. He was patient and professional. He genuinely cared that I understood. His experience shows when explaining everything."


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